Modern Science in the Bible (Russian version)

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Ben Hobrink, although a biologist, writes in layman's terms to describe current scientific debates. He shows where scientific theories or conclusions seem to differ from the Bible and offers explanations of the alleged differences. In Modern Science in the Bible, Hobrink not only defends the Bible; he lets others share his astonishment about the relevance of biblical rules. The book underlines the reliability of the Bible in the field of science and presents hard scientific facts that are structured around themes such as hygiene, nutrition, combating epidemics and evolution.

There is science in the Bible, much more than in any other book from antiquity. Even though historical an verifiable facts are mentioned only in passing, they testify to deep scientific insight. How did this knwoledge come to be in the Bible? Using extensive documentation, biologist Ben Hobrink demonstrates conclusively that the Bible contains knowledge that was thousands of years ahead of science. The application of this could have saved the lives of millions of people during epidemics. Even now, in our modern time, this knowledge could prevent numerous illnesses such as cancer, heart and vascular diseases, and venereal diseases. Seldom has such a broad range of scientific knowledge from the Bible been collected and presented in such a readable way. Much of this knowledge could not have been known humanly, which means that a great Author must have been behind the authors of the Bible.